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About Us

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I'm a carpenter by trade but over the last 40+ years I have picked up a lot of different skills as well as experienced contacts in other trades which allows me to offer a wider range of services to my own clients. I firmly believe in an honest days work for an honest days pay and providing the best possible customer journey from intial site visit to completion.

Personalized Approach

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Excellence and Professionalism

I also believe in being honest with each client and potential client; I won't take on a project that I don't have the skills required to complete or where I won't be able to meet the client's expectations. I am happy with a job when the client is happy with it, and will work with you to achieve the best possible outcome regardless of size or value of the project.

Insured and peace of mind

I am fully insured with £1,000,000 of public liability insurance. A copy of my current insurance certificate is available on demand.

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