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CNC services

What is CNC? CNC is an abbreviation of Computer Numerical Control, CNC machines processes a piece of material to a set design by following a programmed instruction from a computer and without a manual operator directly controlling the operation. It is a powerful addition to any workshop. I use a Yeti Smart Bench with Vectric Vcarve Pro software.


This machine has been used to produce fret panels for radiator covers to my own, and clients, design; wall signs, cupboard doors and lately dinosaurs! See some of the images below of work already carried out.

The dinosaurs are available in either mdf or external quality baltic birch ply, and in various forms, from fully made or kit form. 6mm is the most popular size, its about 1000mm from nose to tail  (shown in the image below alongside the full size head (around 475mm long) but we also do a full size - and I do mean full size!! - in 18mm baltic birch ply which is around 2600mm from nose to tail, that just over 8ft from nose to tail!


Call or email for pricing but I will put up a price list here soon.

velociraptor model.jpg
company signage.jpg
full size dinosaur model.jpg
cnc doors made.jpg
bespoke radiator cover.jpg
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